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Top up your Milano with a choice of flavoured refill cartridges.

Our products

Sole Distributor for Milano Cigarettes in UAE

Milano, one of the best-selling International Cigarettes in UAE, is distributed by Royal Gulf International General Trading. We are the exclusive distributor for Gulbahar Tobacco International FZE, one among theleading cigarette manufacturers in UAE.

Milano Cigarettes comes with a wide range of flavored refill cartridges to choose from. Milano offers a wide range of High-Quality Cigarettes in United Arab Emirates. We have a strong distribution channel throughout UAE, which maintains our position as one of the leading cigarette suppliers in UAE Market.Ranges: Regular Strength Nicotine Cartridges, Low Strength Nicotine Cartridges, Mint Flavored Cartridges (Nicotine Free), or Chocolate Flavored Cartridges (Nicotine Free).

We are also the exclusive distributor for Milano Shisha in UAE. Get the privilege of having best shisha flavors available in UAE

Sole Distributor for Mond Cigarettes in UAE

Mond is one of the fast-moving cigarettes in the UAE market. Yet another quality cigarette from the top cigarette manufacturer in UAE – Gulbahar Tobacco International FZE. Mond Super Slim Cigarettes is a fastest selling cigarette in UAE market. Super slim comes in a wide range of flavours. Mond Kings Dual Burst Blueberry & Mint is a great choice for cigarettes smokers in UAE.

Mond Cigarettes has the largest range of flavors and variations to serve your smoking preference. It gives the actual feel, what the smoker needs. Mond Cigarettes are available across the UAE, we supply to all major supermarkets, department store, groceries and other retail networks. Mond International is one of the most popular cigarettes in the UAE.

Sole Distributor for Cavallo Cigarettes in UAE

Cavallo – a great taste for tobacco lovers in UAE. Cavallo cigarrate range gives a unique experience for tobacco smokers in UAE.Cavallo is a premium and top selling tobacco brand in UAE from Gulbahar Tobacco International FZE – leaders in Tobacco Manufacturing and distribution in UAE.

Royal Gulf International General Trading is the exclusive distributor for Cavallo Cigarette brands across the UAE. We have our warehouse facility in Al Quoz-Dubai, and operates cigarette distribution to all emirates in UAE. Since inception we have maintained a strong cigarette distribution network throughout UAE.

Nicotine Free Cigarettes in UAE

We are distributors for Nicotine Free Cigarettes (Mint Flavored) & Nicotine Free Chocolate Flavored Cartridges from Milano in UAE.

A special blend with rich and smooth flavor. Since inception Royal Gulf International had focused on delivering highest quality tobacco in the UAE market. Our brands are suitable for all market segments and is available across the region. The pricing is so reasonable that the you can experience the best quality which suits your budget.

Our values

Our policy

Our corporate policy outlines the smoothness in the distribution throughout the retailers, wholesalers and other entities.Our products are approved and certified by ESMA.Keeping the privacy of our partners, retailers and sub distributors.

Our Vision

To be in line with the leading cigarettes brands in the UAE by maintaining highest quality standards in service & distribution networks. To be considered as the top-quality cigarette supplier in the UAE market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be one of the top distributor of tobacco products not only in UAE but the whole GCC and other countries. We will continue to bring our customers the best quality of tobacco which we can offer.

Toward this we will not only listen to our customers but embrace the idea that the company is at their best service. To make, distribute & sell the finest quality of tobacco with a continued commitment to give the consumer the best quality that they deserved.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to be one of the top distributor of tobacco products not only in UAE but the whole GCC and other countries. We will continue to bring our customers the best quality of tobacco which we can offer.

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